Introduction to Garifuna Leadership

  • September 12, 2021 - 10:00
  • Online

What is Garifuna Leadership

Garifuna Leadership is a way of life governed by the Ancestral Garifuna Garifuna Mental Model, a mental model developed and exercised by the ancestors of Garinagu people, whose elements include the primacy of God, reverence towards the spirits of the Garifuna ancestors, high value for family life, strategic thinking, self-sufficiency, consensus-based governance, justice and unity, fearlessness, resilience and universalism.

The fundamental aim of Garifuna Leadership is the recognition of the universally shared desire for a virtue-based world and the development of necessary concepts, skills and attitudes required for the active involvement in the building of such a world.

Garifuna Leadership facilitates individuals harmonizing with their core human virtues and values, and as such makes way for a two-fold moral purpose lifestyle: developing one’s capacities for the benefit of oneself and society.

The context within which Garifuna Leadership was born makes it an effective tool to enhance a high degree of social responsibility, human rights and virtue-based society-building (undergirded by peace and unity), and counter inhumane and unjust forces, such as inequality, neocolonialism and modern slavery.

Instructor: James Elijio

18 Sept, 2021 to 18 Dec, 2022

10:00am – 11:30am Belize Time