About GariUWW

Who We Are

The Garifuna University Without Walls is an agency of the Garifuna Nation (GN), a non-political, non-sectarian, non-governmental international organization whose vision is to build a virtue-based, and economically sustainable transnational nation in which every Garifuna is provided with opportunities to maximally develop and apply their capacities in the process of participatory society-building. GariUWW is a key institution in the development of that world envisioned by the GN.

Phases Of Growth

GariUWW is not yet a full-fledged university; it is in its formative stage. It has already has highly qualified human resources as members of its faculty in the various fields of courses it will be providing at degree levels, and is in the process of seeking accreditation. Recognizing the importance of its services for the thriving and sound spiritual, social, economic, scientific, legal, and technological functioning of Garifuna people wherever they are, GariUWW will be providing education and training on the basis of continuing education. It is intended that the Chatoyer Institute of Continuing Education (CITE), will be the first department of the of GariUWW. No doubt, as the University evolves it will add other departments and increase the number of degree courses it will offer.

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